Being pregnant can be a huge transformation. The process of being pregnant, giving birth, becoming a parent can be the biggest shift in your life. When I myself became a mother I felt lonely at times; even though I received support from my partner and shared my inner process with him daily I realized there a part of this transformation that I could only go through alone. 

While in the years before I had integrated my healing and liberating work, gathered around me some real heart connected friends, and internalized many tools, when I was pregnant I knew I was writing a whole new instruction manual for myself. And after I gave birth I realized the next manual was about to be written. Those experiences made me realize how life-changing pregnancy & birth can be in the life of women. And how much transformative potential both experiences hold when we are being fully present with it.​

Based on my own experience, nonviolent communication, embodiment and other practices that inspired me, I am now offering this online course that accompanies you in on this magical journey.

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