Supporting Life

Welcome to my online school "Supporting Life" where I intend to share courses that are grounded in Nonviolent Communication and Embodiment. I created this online school to support you in navigating through life, connected to yourself, your body and the world around you. I hope it contributes to making your life experience a little more wonderful.

About me

I am fascinated and wildly excited by the fullness of the human experience. I believe life is a great gift that wants to move to us and through us. I am committed to share my gifts and experiences with the world to support life in the fullness of what it is. 

My dream is to live in a world that works for all. A world where every person can feel and embody the excitement of living an authentic, creative, and inspired life.


A world where we can give birth and children can be born in the flow of nature, and where children can grow up with the freedom of authenticity and play. Where individuals can connect to the creative and loving life energy that moves through all of us and relationships are a source of exploration, growth, and healing. Where we live in community, share resources, and take care of each other and the land we live on.

This is how I try to live my life in all that I do; as a partner, a parent, a friend, when I am coaching, teaching, supporting communities, and when I create and write. If you want to walk this path with me, I would love to be of support.